2018 Feet Around the World

Honestly, I’m not quite sure when my foot selfie obsession started, but it’s been going on for quite some time. I’m talkin’ years. I’m obsessed with how the unique perspective manages to capture so many details in one shot. Plus, C’mon, they’re so much more interesting than regular ol‘ selfies.

This past year, I wrote 25 articles for The Austinot working with over 40 brands and businesses in Central Texas. I went on seven media trips, a few personal trips, and countless adventures in and around Austin. Along the way, I collected over 25, 000 photos on my iPhone and camera many of which just so happen to be feet selfies.

Check out the top ones below and then go show some of the great places I’ve stepped foot in some love!

Best Feet Selfies of 2018

Eberly Foot Selfie
March: The Austinot media invite to Eberly in Austin, Texas.
March: SXSW Festival near Rainey Street.
April: The Austinot media invite to Milligan’s Pecan Orchard in San Saba, Texas.
April: Regency Suspension Bridge in San Saba, Texas.
April: Kickin’ it at Fareground Food Hall in Austin, Texas.
May: The Austinot media invite to The Texas Wine Revolution at Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.
June: The Austinot media invite to Ski Shores Cafe in Austin, Texas.
June: Got my swim card at Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, Texas.
June: River Jam at U.S. National Whitewater Center.
San Marcos Foot Selfie
July: Edwards Aquifer well at Wonder World Cave in San Marcos, Texas
July: Beveridge Bridge in San Saba, Texas.
July: The Austinot media invite to Jean-Marie Suits in Comanche, Texas.
Mexico City Foot Selfie
July: Street snacks in Mexico City, Mexico.
August: The Austinot media invite to Briar Cliff Marina on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.
September: Walking to House Wine in Austin, Texas.
November: Fomo Factory Art Pop Up in Austin, Texas.
November: The Austinot media invite to El Gaucho Winery in Spicewood, Texas.
November: Birthday Foot Selfie in Austin, Texas.
Centro De Artes Foot Selfie
November: Alberto Mijangos exhibit at Centro De Artes in San Antonio, Texas.
November: Birthday Dinner at Havana Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.
December: The Austinot media invite to La Tuna in San Antonio, Texas.
December: Fall in Downtown Austin, Texas.
December: Beautiful tile at Thai Fresh in Austin, Texas.
360 Trees Foot Selfie
December: Decorated trees off of Highway 360 in Austin, Texas.

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