Cafe Grumpy: Enjoy the Most Unpretentious Coffee in New York or at Home

Cafe grumpy in new york or miami. Brew up an unpretencious cup at home or stop by their store location.

Where can you find the most unpretentious cup of coffee? In New York, of course, at Cafe Grumpy!

Cafe Grumpy started in Brooklyn in 2005 and now serves coffee in New York, New Jersey, and Miami.

This woman-owned, independent coffee roaster sources their coffee beans from farms throughout South America and roasts them own beans in its own facility to give their customers a great cup of coffee without any frills.

Keep reading to learn more about what sets Cafe Grumpy apart and tips to make the perfect cup at home.

Cafe Grumpy Fast Facts

  • The owner, Caroline, wanted to open a welcoming cafe with great coffee.
  • Cafe Grumpy now has 12 locations, and each has a different vibe depending on the neighborhood. 
  • The most popular coffee order in New York is a drip coffee or cold brew. 
  • The latte is the most popular drink ordered drink in Miami.  

Cafe Grumpy Beans: 

  • Cafe Grumpy works regularly with several coffee producers in South America to create long-lasting relationships. Customers get to know the farms and request them by name.
  • Most of Cafe Grumpy’s beans come from Central America and South America. Specifically Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and even Ethiopia.
  • They roast their own coffee beans in small batches.
  • They roast beans in a vintage roaster with a cast iron drum from 1956 in their own facility down the street from their original Brooklyn location. 
  • Coffee has to get to NY and be roasted and bagged, etc., which can get a bit pricey, but customers can save 25 cents if they bring their own cups.
  • Cafe Grumpy’s heartbreaker espresso blend is good for cappuccinos, and their Momentum blend is excellent for drip or cold brew coffee. 

How to order at the Cafe Grumpy counter

  • Caroline recommends you think about where you are going and how you plan to drink your coffee of choice.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the baristas for suggestions as many participate in coffee competitions and they are very knowledgeable
  • It’s good to try different roasts and beans. There’s a misconception that darker roasts are stronger, but it’s actually the opposite.

How to make a better cup of coffee at home: 

  1. Grind your beans before you brew. 
  2. Consider who you are brewing for and how many cups you will need.  
  3. Use the Cafe Grumpy Momentum blend for drip coffee and their Heartbreaker blend for lattes or cappuccinos.

Buy Cafe Grumpy

  • Momentum blend:
    Arabica beans, medium roast, low acid with notes of malted milk chocolate, caramel, and orange zest. It’s great for making cold brew at home!
  • Heartbreaker espresso blend:
    Arabica beans, medium roast, low acid, with notes of dark chocolate, blackberry, and amaretto. It’s great for drip coffee or lattes.
  • Instant coffee:
    Enjoy the heartbreaker blend on the go! Just add hot or cold water.

What’s next for Cafe Grumpy?

  • They recently released their instant coffee that comes in individually wrapped packets. They’re great for cocktails, smoothies, or a good cup of coffee on the go, served hot or cold.
  • They are working on an app that would allow monthly coffee subscriptions.
  • Potentially, there will be another location in Miami. Stay tuned!

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how to make the most unpretencious cup of coffee with cafe grumpy

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