Wild Fare: Get Wildy Irresistible Mediterranean Food at Home

Meet Wildfare, an exceptional brand offering Mediterranean foods tailored specifically for the American Kitchen.

Each of their one-of-a-kind products comes from heritage recipes that can create nutritious and wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare in the comfort of your own kitchen!

From cold-pressed, pure olive oils to beetroot pasta and orange-stuffed olives, you haven’t tasted the Mediterranean until you’ve tasted Wildfare.

How To Make a Mediterranian Pasta Dish at Home

Two of Wildfare’s standout products are their pistachio pesto and beetroot pasta, which can be combined for an easy and delicious pasta dinner.

Their pistachio pesto is a magical combination of pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, and pepper, and their beetroot pasta has a luxurious texture and flavor. When combined, these two Mediterranean-inspired products create a unique and memorable flavor profile that’s sure to please anyone!

Just cook the pasta according to the directions, add the protein of your choice, and drizzle it with the pistachio pesto, and voila, you have an authentic, delicious, home-cooked Mediterranean dinner in about 15 minutes! Check out the Wildfare Pork with Beetroot Pasta recipe.

Wilefare’s other unique Mediterranean offerings

Wildfare offers other unique products made from heritage farming practices and historical recipes, including:

  • Olive Oil for Children: Encourages kids to enjoy healthy Mediterranean food early on with their special olive oil. 
  • Orange Stuffed Olives: Add a punch to all kinds of recipes; from salads and mezze to cocktails and canapes. 
  • Ajvar: This eggplant and roasted red pepper recipe was perfected with the input of 100 Macedonian grandmothers before becoming an American pantry staple. It can be used as a sauce, spread, or dip.
  • Whole freeze-dried fruits and vegetables: Thanks to Wildfare’s unique process, their freeze-dried produce keeps their taste, aroma, and 98% of their nutrients.
  • Semi-sweet sun-dried tomatoes: Wildfare’s natural semi-sun-drying process creates concentrated cherry tomatoes that burst with flavor.!

Where To Buy Wildfare

Wildfare’s Mediterranean pantry products can be found at select grocery stores across the country, such as Gelson’s, ShopRite, Meijers, and Central Market in Texas.. 

You can also buy Wildfare online.

Find Meditteranian Pasta & Wine Experiences

Find and book unique and authentic pasta experiences in Italy, France, and Greece. Many cities across the Mediterranian such Rome, Montepulciano, Milan, and Bolonga are offering pasta cooking and making classes. Book them here.

Or browse other food experiences in a city near you.

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