Sweet Diane’s Gluten-Free Granola

gluten free granola

Introducing Sweet Diane’s Granola, a plant-based, naturally gluten-free, mix packed with healthy proteins and fats to give you the energy you need to live your best life.

I am currently loving it on top of yogurt, smoothies, and by itself! Seriously, it’s a great snack alternative when you need something crunchy, that isn’t chips. This specialty granola is plant-based comfort food at its finest!

Explore the flavors of Diane’s Speciality Granola

gluten free granola

Made with heart-healthy coconut oil, sweet blueberries, crunchy almonds, and sweetened with maple syrup, Sweet Diane’s granola hits all the right flavor notes. Available flavors include:

  • Original
  • Blueberry almond
  • Orange cranberry

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gluten free granola

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