3 Amazing Plant-Based Dressings & Spreads

plant junkie plant based spreads and salad dressings

Adding healthy flavor to your salads and sandwiches just got easier! Meet Plant Junkie, the newest line of plant-based condiments (dressings & spreads) that are 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, and delicious

The entire Plant Junkie line is also dairy, egg, soy, nut, and gluten-free, making it the go-to option for those with food allergies or anyone wanting to eat a plant-based diet.

So go on and pour Plant Junkie on your salads or try one of the spreads below in a wrap or sandwich. Check out my favorite three below!

Plant Junkie Plant-Based Dressings

Turmeric & Black Pepper Ranch Dressing

I couldn’t believe this dressing is plant-based as it tastes exactly like regular ranch dressing but with a nice little kick thanks to anti-inflammatory turmeric. It would be fantastic in a salad or grain bowl. I used it to make the Mediterranean-inspired bowl below.

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Easy Mediterranean Bowl with Plant Junkie Turmeric & Black Pepper Ranch Dressing

plant-junkie plant based salad dressings and spreads

I love bowls! They’re easy to make and healthy. Plus, they are packed full of flavor and protein—perfect for a hot summer day. I decided to make a Mediterranean inspired bowl with the turmeric ranch and some ingredients I had in my fridge and freezer.

Here’s the recipe:

Build your own bowl by portioning the amount of the ingredients you want and then drizzle it with the Turmeric & Black Pepper Ranch dressing and enjoy!

Plant Junkie Chia Ranch Dressing

Classic ranch just got a health upgrade in the form of this chia infused dressing. Use it as you would regular ranch dressing, you won’t be disappointed.

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Other plant-based dressing flavors:

While I haven’t tried the flavors below, I am optimistic that they are probably as delicious as the ones I have tried.

Plant Junkie Plant-Based Spreads

Chipotle Lime Spread & Dressing

Made from avocado oil and other plant-based ingredients, this spread is an excellent vegan alternative to classic egg-based mayonnaise and sandwich spreads. My latest obsession has been to dip plantain chips in it as a snack!

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Other Plant Junkie spread & dressing flavors:

Tell me everything!

Have you every tried Plant Junkie or other plant-based dressings & spreads?

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