Review: Taquero Mucho Mexican Restaurant

Taquero Muncho Mexican Restaurant Austin
Taquero Mucho is now open!

Taquero Mucho, sister restaurant to Gabriela’s Downtown, is officially open! And, it’s boasting a unique pink and green aesthetic, delicious rose-hued margaritas and interior Mexican food that could rival some of the best Mexican food restaurants in town.

Before Taquero Mucho opened its doors to the public, The Austin Food Bloggers Alliance popped in for a Saturday brunch that still has me salivating. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s hard to find a restaurant where the vibe, the food, and the service are good.

Taquero Mucho earned high marks for their food, service, and ambiance thus why you should put at the top of your list for go-to places to chow down on great Mexican food.

Taquero Mucho in Pictures

Pink Margarita Classica.
Close Up: Pink Margarita Classica.
Pink Taco Wallpaper Makes Margaritas Taste Better.
Taquero Mucho!
Hanging with @atx_bites and @phat_phoodies
Pablano Capeade Tacos
Chips, Queso, and Guac.
Another shot of Taquero Mucho’s pink tacos.
Pink Aesthetic
Bathroom Art
Bathroom Art Selfie
Bathroom Art Fun

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