Celebrate National Milk Day with Oatsome Oat Milk – A Delicious & Sustainable Alternative!

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National Milk Day is on January 11th, and I invite you to join the celebration with a delightful twist – Oatsome oat milk! Move over cow and almond milk because Oatsome is about to become your new favorite dairy-free, sustainable choice.

What is Oatsome?

Oatsome is not just another milk substitute; it’s a sweet, creamy, and slightly oat-flavored dairy alternative that’s completely vegan and plant-based. Oatsome is made when gluten-free oats are soaked and ground in water, creating Oat Milk.

The Oatsome Difference

oatsome oat milk dairy alternative

What sets Oatsome apart is not only its delicious taste but also its commitment to sustainability. Compared to almond milk, Oatsome emerges as the superior choice for eco-conscious consumers. Almond cultivation demands over six times more water than oats. To put it into perspective, it takes a staggering 1,929 gallons of water to grow just one pound of almonds, while the same amount of oats requires only 290 gallons. By choosing Oatsome, you’re making a tasty and responsible choice for the environment.

Why Choose Oatsome?

  • Versatile—This delicious beverage is not only drinkable but it can also be baked in your favorite pastries and frothed in your favorite hot coffee or matcha drinks. The versatility of Oatsome allows you to use it seamlessly in your favorite recipes—from smoothies and shakes to coffee, lattes, cereal, and baking.
  • Allergy-friendly—Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan, Unsweetened (no added sugars), and made from whole grain oats.
  • Environmentally friendly—a more sustainable option compared to dairy or almond milk.
  • Clean label—no carrageenan or added thickeners, stabilizers, or gums, setting it apart from most alternative milk brands.

Where to Find Oatsome

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Ready to make the switch? Oatsome is conveniently available on Amazon and various other grocery retailers nationwide. Embrace the delicious taste and eco-friendly choice of Oatsome as you celebrate National Milk Day and beyond.

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