Best Staycation Ideas To Relax & Unwind


Staycation, daycation, getaway… no matter what you call it… it’s easy to have one in your city or in a town nearby. Check out the three apps and websites below for great ideas on how to have a great staycation. And don’t forget to use my referral codes for special pricing and discounts!

How to Have a Staycation Right Now

Resort Pass

I absolutely adore Resort Pass! This website allows you to find a hotel pool and crash it all day like an undercover celebrity. Some hotels even sell spa passes so you can utilize their facilities think: sauna/steam room/hot tub etc. for a little upscale relaxation.

Find a pool on Resort Pass.


If a private pool is more of your speed, then check out Swimply. This app helps you locate pools in your area to rent by the hour or day.

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Renting out an Airbnb became quite the COVID-19 trend and it seems like this trend is here to stay. What better way to explore new cities near and far? You can find some great places on Airbnb that come with their very own private pool, lake/river entrance, or beachfront.

Back in May (2020), I was able to stay in South Padre Island for two weeks in an Airbnb right on the beach for $53/night. It was spectacular for my mental, emotional, and physical health yet helped me keep a social distance.

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Tell me everything!

What’s your favorite way/place to have a staycation?