16 Reason To Buy PeachSkinSheets®

Peachskinsheets affordable bedding and sheets

Looking for luxurious sheets that are actually affordable? Well, look no further than PeachSkinSheets®. The bedding company was founded in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been making beds softer and more comfortable ever since. Read on for 16 reasons why they can help you sleep better.

16 Benefits Of PeachSkinSheets®

peachskinsheets affordable bedding

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1. SMART Fabric

PeachSkinSheets® are made of athletic-grade SMART fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature for a better sleep experience. Smart fabric is more breathable and lightweight than other fabrics, including cotton because it’s made out of poly microfibers, which breathe and keep you comfortable similar to workout clothes. So, if you’re a hot sleeper, then these sheets are for you!

2. High Thread Count

These sheets boast a 1500 thread count and a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides for unparalleled softness.

3. No-Slip Fabric

Whether you have a custom number, double pillow top, or memory foam mattress, PeachSkinSheets® 18″ pockets will cling on and never let go.

4. Strong & Durable

These well made sheets can handle anything, including kids, pets, and daily use.

5. Pill-Resistant

Fuzz and lint balls begone! You won’t find them on your PeachSkinSheets®.

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6. Ultra Soft

Skip the dozens of washes or fabric softener, these sheets are gentle to the touch right out of the package!

7. Anti-Slip Finish

You know what’s great about a non-sateen finish? You get uber softness and your sheets stay on the bed.

8. Spandex-Free

Spandex-Free equals snag free.

9. Wrinkle Release

Your bed will always look neatly made thanks to wrinkle release fabric.

10. Sensitive Skin Friendly

Skin issues won’t be aggravated

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11. More Hygienic

PeachSkinSheets® naturally resist dust mites and other small particles.

12. Lasting Color

No matter how many times you wash your sheets, they will not fade or get dingy.

13. Quick-Drying

20 minutes on medium heat is all it takes for these sheets to dry completely

14. Stain Resistant

Stains have no time to set in to PeachSkinSheets® thanks to their wicking properties.

15. No Shrinkage

You can wash these sheets with confidence knowing that they won’t shrink. And because they won’t shrink you won’t ever have to worry about wrestling them to fit them on your bed.

16. Pesticide-Free

PeachSkinSheets® are made from fiber that has never been treated with pesticides.

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